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Three Seconds to Get Attention?

Did you know that features, cartoons, and columnists are the number-one reasons most people read newspapers? In a world where no more than 15% of all newspaper and magazine ads are read, split seconds can mean big money. In 1986, Penelope Purdy of the Denver Post wrote a timeless article advocating that advertisers find a way to stand out from the clutter in terms of all of their advertising. How does one do that? The answer is to use humor in advertising. Humor is a reader stop sign and relatively inexpensive to publish. It is also thought of as a cute gimmick. Cartoons and humor jump out of the crowd with ads that demand to be read this week and to be looked for next week. The ads you tend to remember feature humor. Let me give you a few examples: the Geico gecko, Snoopy and Met Life, Dilbert for the U.S. Postal Service and Office Depot, Cathy for J.C. Penney, and the Tasmanian Devil for Chevrolet. Advertising in the 21st century is a battlefield. It's overcrowded, and everyone is fighting for the same thing: readership. If an advertiser has a huge budget, they can buy readership with full-page, color ads. For most advertisers, this is not an option. However, there is a simple solution, and it is to go with a proven winner. The answer is what newspapers spend their money on: feature cartoons.

Knowledgeable people advocate a few do's and don'ts for advertising. For do's, be distinctive. It's important to stand out, but don't go overboard. Be clear in your language. A simple and direct style is best. And lastly, lighten it up with comedy, catchy music or cartoon characters. Try for fresh humor. USA Today has said that 9 out of 10 adults have a favorite cartoon they look for every day. Yours could be next.

SYNDICATED AD FEATURES has solved the problem for you. We have introduced a cartoon program in seven different categories. They include cartoons for automotive businesses, chiropractors, dentists, insurance companies, pharmacies, real estate firms, and veterinarians. We also offer a column consisting of inspirational quotes, called "Wisdom through the Ages," that is appropriate for funeral homes. We are actually able to provide you with a program consisting of 52 different cartoons or inspirational columns geared to your business, along with a personalized commercial message or concluding paragraph. Of course, each cartoon or inspirational column also includes your business name, address, and phone number. You'll find you can use these small and inexpensive ads to drive traffic to your business or website.

Many of our clients find they are able to actually cut their advertising budgets by using SYNDICATED's cartoon programs. Why not give it a try? Call or email us now for more information.

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